Upcoming Shows

  • December 17th
  • Hotel Utah
  • 500 4th St
    San Francisco


Recent Reviews:
"You were great!" -- Scarlett Johansson (true story)

"He's like the male Taylor Swift" -- audience member at the Hard Rock in Nashville
NEW YORK—Standing in Union Square Park playing a cover of Usher’s “Love in this Club,” two hipsters promoted their new CD “Color” to crowds of passersby on Wednesday. Read More...

"Simple, acoustic songs that demand attention as well as a second listen...With his heart on his sleeve and guitar strapped to his shoulder, his music would fit in with Cary Brother's Hotel Cafe Tour" -- Muse's Muse

"Ramzi brings a rock troubadour's story-telling sensibility, a fresh voice, and some outstanding guitar work on Color" -- Wildy's World

Other news:
I'm also included on Quickstar Productions' "Chill Out: East Coast" Compilation CD...now available on iTunes