a promising end to a stressful day

I don’t like it when things don’t go my way. Well more specifially, it seems so unnatural to who I am. I have always considered myself lucky in that seems thing to generally work out for me. So when I learned both shows I had booked in CA fell through, it came as a bit of shock. Followed by a few days of scrambling to find alternative venues to play. But today it seems promising again! Thanks to finding a booker in SF who seems mad cool (and actually responds quickly!), and luckily getting the booker in Sacramento on the phone tonight, it seems all may not indeed be lost. And I dont know for sure yet, but both seem promising that I will be back to having 2 shows to look forward to while out in California..which is good, cause the show in SF is a week away, and I’d like to be able to tell people about it!!! Now I’m just hoping tomorrow wraps these up and I can focus on what I want to instead of stressing..getting people out to the show(s) and playing!

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