celebrity spotting at my gig

Last night was a great gig..first full gig with the new band and it sounded great! I was definitely feeling good on stage (despite sweating off about 5 pounds), and the crowd seemed to be into it too, which always helps. When I finished, my friends informed me that Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were at the end of the bar (and rumored to have liked the set). So I politely introduced myself (to which Scarlett Jo said “You were great”). I’m not normally into all that admiration of the stars and such, but something about that, and giving them both a cope of my new EP just felt really good. After that it was just a great night of meeting other musicians (some fellow Californians), and talking with folks who enjoyed the set. Really just a positive vibe all around. My kind of night!

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